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Religious Statuary Community

LJ Community for Religious Statuary!
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Welcome to the LJ Community for Religious Statuary!

Posts must be pictures of, or related to religious statuary (that is, figures of gods, goddesses, religious scenes, etc. in statue or relief form).

virgin mary - christian    moses - judeo-christian    radha and krishna - hindu

shiva - hindu  jesus - christian  kannon - buddhist

All religions very welcomed!

No "Jesus LOL" pictures!

Large pictures behind cuts, as well as anything "explicit".

Posts can be of any nature: academic, personal belief, or humour.

Finally, religion can be a touchy subject. Please consider posts informational, not meant as attacks, and if you're offended by anything, please just ignore it. The exception to this would be a personal attack, which will be addressed by the moderator.